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Racing Rules of Sailing, 2017 - 2020
Click Here the Rules are update every four years after the Summer Olympics. Click Here for the NavRules.

Target Speeds and Angles
Click Here for Our T10 Target Speed for True Wind Speed. You will see how we use our color scheme in this guide for wind strength: Drifting Conditions-Yellow, Light Air-Green, Moderate Air-Blue, and Heavy Air-Red.

T Ten Polar Diagram                                              Tunning Guide
Click Here for ORC's T Ten Polar Diagram.               Click Here for North Sails T Ten Tunning Guide.

Race Planner                                                           Race Positions
Click Here to See How Our Color Scheme is             Click Here for our T Ten Race Positions.
Utilized in Our T Ten Race Planner.

Crew Tips                                                                 Mac Essentials
Ob La Di!'s.                                                                 Click Here for what to bring on The Mac.

Evolutions                                                               Pre Sail
Click Here for specific T Ten Evolutions.                    Click Here for Pre Sail Ob La Di! List.

Fair Line                                                                   Ten Speed
And the Favored End of the Line is ...   Click Here       See Page 23 for KISS (Keep It Simple Sailor)
Our Mantra: Wind Direction Plus 90° Equals Fair Line.      Click Here for the Current Ten Speed.

BTW, T Ten's only have a 105% jib but if your section (class) allows multiple jibs, we advocate putting your
Drifter in a Yellow Bag, your #1 in a Green Bag, your #2 in a Blue Bag and your #3 in a Red Bag. Just the existence of the color scheme makes you think more about which sail (therefore the correct one) to have up in what wind condition and putting them in a different colored bag makes it easy to find the correct sail in the most difficult of situations, during a race.

Crew click here to schedule a Sunday Practice, a Wednesday Night Buoy Race or a Saturday Distance Race.

Stearn's Quote

'You don't need to look at your SPEEDO in One Design Racing.' Famously prompts Rich Stearns.
'If you see another boat going faster than You, then YOU are going too slow!'

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