Practical Sailing Classes

We have sailing classes Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 am to 1 pm,
Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2 to 5 pm, and
Every evening seven days a week from 6 to 9 pm.

All of your classes are taught by a US SAILING certified instructor on a 30' plus sailboat with an inboard diesel engine, marine radio, weather/chartplotter, and running lights among (many) other things.

We think these are the basics but no other sailing school in Chicagoland can boast that!

This is not a cruise; this is a class. As you progress through the curriculum, you will participate in every aspect of sailing a boat. You will start by learning to rig the boat and you will take the helm in the first class.

Costal Navigation Classes

During the Return From The Mac Trip we teach you navigation, route/weather planning, and practical sailing skills. Weather permitting, we sail one day and then stay in port one day to experience the surrounding City.

This is a great way to learn and enjoy as you port hop your way down the Lake Michigan coastline.

Crew Racing Classes

If you want to be part of a winning crew, become a team player. Keelboat racing is a team sport. As in any team sport, there is individual accountability but in no other sport is there more team play. Many evolutions on a sailboat need individual teammates to execute their maneuvers in precise order or synchronization. It takes knowledge and practice. You must be prepared and this class is how you get prepared.

You will learn, hands on, on the water and you will partake in an actual sanctioned sailboat race experiencing firsthand the thrill, camaraderie, team work, individual accomplishment, competitiveness, strategy and beauty of sailboat racing. You are not going to take a class and then simulate a sailboat race; you are going racing!
For many, this can be an experience of a lifetime. For some, the lucky, this will become a way of life.

We have two levels of Racing Classes: formal Weekend Races and informal Wednesday Night Races.

This is the highest level of racing in Chicago. It is always competitive. It is always fun and it is always beautiful.

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"Learn to Sail and
    Enjoy a Lifetime of Adventure."

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"Learn to Sail Here and
    You Can Sail Anywhere!"