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What's Your Deal!

We have Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sails to suit your needs.

You may mix and match as you please, and you do not have to schedule all your sails at once.

Your Morning Sail starts at a civilized 9:00 am and you are done by noon. You can enjoy the rest of your day or head to the office for the afternoon.

If you prefer the Afternoon Sail, it's starts after lunch at 1:00 pm. You could have run errands in the morning or been at the office as usual. You are done by 4:00 and you would be home at your normal time.

Weekday Evening Sails are lovely and we start at 6:00 pm. You can make it down to the Docks from just about anywhere in the Chicagoland area and be on time. You will be finished at 9:00 and, depending on the time of the season, that will be dusk or dark.

Weekend Evening Sails are just as lovely but we start at 5:00 pm so you can get out a little earlier. You will be finished at 8:00 and, again, depending on the time of the season, that will be dusk or dark.

We accomodate your schedule and, if you are trying to learn how to sail, a class is considered five lessons. You may plan it out anyway you like. We keep track of your progress electronically and we will devise a lesson plan for you based on your progress and the weather. It is hard to teach heavy weather sailing in light air and vice versa!